Friday, August 13

The Januaries of Fashion

The long awaited September Issues of fashion magazines have been storming into Melbourne's Magnation and Borders stores. I wanted to post up the covers of Septembers I found earlier but I just have to wait till American Vogue's cover to release before posting any others in.

So fresh from press is the American Vogue's September cover by Halle Berry, our first African American beauty to win the Best Actress for Oscars (Monster's Ball), second to appear on Vogue after Naomi. On the cover, she graced herself beautifully in a Cleopatra bob hair and a embellished strap dress. The bob hair looks rather interesting on her. Very exotic and egyptian goddess look. Well, it is the Cleopatra hair but for me it looks more of a shorter and darker version of Anna Wintour's hair.

Then we have a few other September covers that I love. On the list is Kate Moss for Vogue UK (like the 100 millionth time she was on - well 30th), Gisele for Harpers UK and Emily Blunt of Devil Wears Prada for Elle UK. All of them are just fab fab fab!!!

Kate Moss on a stool wearing a gorgeous navy trench (possibly Burberry Prorsum) is to die for. Emily Blunt was in fabulous Dior, I presume - the hint of lingerie as outerwear. And of course, fabulous Gisele for Harper's Bazaar UK in a lacey dress which I think is from Valentino. So enjoy the covers and go get your copy now! Am heading for mine in an hour!!!


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