Saturday, June 12

Fashion Digest: Christian Dior Eyes, Dolce and Gabbana iPad Cover, Another side of Megan Fox

It's been a while since my last fashion digest. Mainly because there's not much news to post in a digest and even if I had news, it's all worthy of their own post. So here's something for your digestion. Enjoy!

First on the docket is the brand new Christian Dior Eyes. now you have probably seen a million types of contact lenses. Normal ones, colored ones, fancy cat eyes, black pupil enhancing and now the new one. Christian Dior recently released a pair of fabulous contact lenses, with CD on the lens. If you are a person of high end brand, why not add a pair of designer brand contact lenses.With CD on your eyes, there's also the gold shining in your eyes. Definitely fabulous from head to top.

Dolce&Gabbana iPad Case N*1?

After Oscar De La Renta, Dolce and Gabbana released their second version of iPad bags. The first was a bulky briefcase design. Not portable or very usable. But the new one, it's perfect. A thickness of a file with more than just a iPad slot. Now you can put important documents and credit cards in it as well. It's like a XL version of your wallet. Not bad! This design is better because it's more unisex compared to Oscar's design which is more feminine. What do you think?

Dolce&Gabbana iPad Case N*2

Megan Fox had never been my good side even before she was in Transformers.  Men would normally go crazy on her but for me, she's always too sexual for my taste. My kind of beauty is someone like Gisele, Natalia, Coco, or Chanel Iman. I like the eccentric/exotic beauty. Plus, sometimes she looked like a man to me. No offense, just my thoughts. But the recent release of her shoot with June/July Interview Magazine changed my mind. She does have that appeal that I always like. Maybe she's not that bad after all. We'll see in the future. Now in this editorial, she look more eccentric than the classic sex sell look. I don't blame her, maybe her PR decides that only sex sells for her until now.


That's all the digest today. On the other hand, I have a new obsession. Something I cannot buy, that's why it's an obsession. The McQueen bag I saw in Reebonz, a while ago. Too expensive but someday I will be able to get it. Someday!!! Look at it, ain't it a precious?


  1. I feel the same about Megan Fox. I just came upon your blog after seeing your comment at Bryanboy's. Although the contact lenses do look nice, I don't feel particularily comfortable having letters on my eyeball...just a thought.

  2. Thanks. i would love those eyes! freaky but fab too!