Monday, May 17

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 Chanel Iman for Vogue China

Okay, this is gonna be a short post. Basically for week 10, 11 and 12, my assignment for Online Journalism is to blog based on a general topic of Media Analysis which can be quite interesting to write. We were given a specific blogsite called Media Musings which all students have access to and to post an entry there.

It contains posts by over 50 students from RMIT on all sorts of Media Analysis from fashion (my fav) to Oprah, Tiger Woods, Twitter and more. So check it out.

So for my first entry last week, I did a post analyzing the portrayal of beauty by fashion magazines. How we are affected and influenced by this particular media. Is it something force into our perception or is it a two way communication where somewhere inside our mind, we willingly accepts these influences.

Click the links all over this post. It all leads to my entry in Media Musings. From there, read mine and possibly give me some constructive comments? And then you can go to the other entries by my peeps.

So, go to my link: THE CONCEPT OF BEAUTY!


More to update in a few days ><

PS: I know it's a bit annoying to have the same links all over the page. I swear it's a one time thing. In a way I am using forced recognition/ repetition on you. LOL

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