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New York Fashion F/W 2010

As leaves turn green and flowers blossom, New York is once again beaming with anticipation. What would Marc Jacobs present this season? Carolina Herrera? How about Alexander Wang, the new prodigy to the American fashion throne.

With this being said, this season is filled with dark colors - black to be exact and Furs! After being away from furs for a while, designers this season had decided to go ahead and embrace the beauty of furs, especially since it's for the fall/winter collection. Without a doubt, fur is one of the most significant relevance to the whole winter season. I bet Anna Wintour is exceptionally happy about this. Be it trenches, coats, skirts or hats, everything is warm and fuzzy.

Designers like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Donna Karan, Oscar de le Renta, Thakoon and many more embraced this two elements in their collection

Marc Jacobs decides to go back to his roots in aesthetic after a long venture to so many different style from his own. He finally settled down in his aesthetics. He revisits everything he had done before but reworking the designs through buttons, hems, and shapes. Therefore you might think that you have seen the looks before but unable to pin point it to anything you know and that's what make him so great. A slight change to the new designs gives it a whole new look. One of my favorite is the silver cream-ish colors dress which to me looked like expensive rare glossy muslin - totally hot!
All by Marc Jacobs

Another thing quite familiar from Marc is the heels. He, out of a few other designers decides to fight the trend of extremely high heels and tries to push forward low heels which is more comfortable and still fabulous to wear.

The Fabulous Low Heels

Another few designers decides that they should revisit their past and extract something new are Donna Karan, Oscar de le Renta and Calvin Klein.

Oscar was another one that amazed me. His classic 1920s day wear to his 1950s evening was simple breathtaking. It was all about Hollywood glam back in those days. Matched with expensive looking fur, I wonder is there any actress who wouldn't want to be dressed by him. One things for sure, it's Oscar for the Oscars this season.
Two fabulous gowns of Oscars standards and a very Amelia Earhart inspired daywear.

Of course, other than Marc Jacobs, another designer that I am most eager to see is the new prodigy Alexander Wang. This season, he went for a more cinematic and dark/hard edge aesthetic. Even more surprising is that he manage he find his way to live broadcast his show in the famous NY landmark, Times Square.
This collection was inspired by what first started as wall street females to nomad gypsies and then meshing the both together to a new idea. Taking things like pin-striped flannel and changing it to exceptionally sexy daywear was one of the fantastic looks. Many said that the looks were London and Berlin inspired but I think he manage to stamp the NY American style to it - or what he says "Berlin schoolboy meets velvet du jour"; making him as said before, a heir to the American fashion throne. Though I might add, his trenches aren't as fabulous compared to the rest of his collection - the camel ones with big flappy sides.

Jason Wu blown the audience out of their clacking heels this season with his Irving Penn inspired looks - literally. Taking what Penn used to wear back in the days and making it to sexy day to day wear was something quite outstanding. Short-sleeve jackets, oversize cashmere coats, boxy mohair sweaters, and fold-over trousers appeared in the collection based on the Penn style.
As for his evenings, it was all about layers, layers and layers. From Penn-sthetic, it became a very romanticism aesthetic which also pleases the eyes.

Of course, we can't forget about the fabulous Madame von Furstenberg. With theme of 'A man's life lived in a womens' body', she just stepped up a notch this season. She talks about her inspiration of how a woman live her life with the power of a man but as a woman who lives with more choice in fashion. Heels, seduction, clothes added up with power, influence and money, which is quite truw since that man never have as much choice in fashion compared to a woman's.
With the Russian inspired hats with tailored suits and embellished tops. It was breathtaking. It seems to have been taken off the 60s to the runway.

To me, this season also spoke of femme fatale, which is, I think is of high topic to all designers. Women now wishes for equality to men and one way of showing it(the most prominent way) is through clothes as it can change ones perception of you in wondrous way based on what you have on your back.

Last but not least some of the other favourites I've eyed out this season in New York. Enjoy.

Proenza Schouler
With the highschool girl inspired look and studded structured pumps, they certainly made a mark.

Oscar de Le Renta
Oscar's heels are pretty amazing with the glittered hoisery.

Michael Kors
Simple, clean and chic American sportswear.
In support of Winter Olympics?

Marc by Marc Jacobs
The sub-diversion certainly follows up the head brand.
The more youthful side of Marc Jacobs with the usual bright use of colors but a simpler pattern this season.
The trench is simply chic.

Anna Sui
I have to say this is one of the few designers who actually take fall/winter in a brighter way with its furniture inspired looks.
Agyness sure ruled the runway.

Fabulous heels made inspired by a modern take on the fairytale, Beauty and the Beast.

Zac Posen
Another Winter Olympics inspired collection.
Maybe we might see them soon in the skating rink.

For more fashion details on other designers and details of the collections mentioned,

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