Thursday, September 9

Should I Change?

What I am about to say might sound like a betrayal"

Just the other day, I had a very enlightening talk from two RMIT Journalism graduates whom graced themselves in my lecture. ONe of them is Lady Melbourne, a successful fashion blogger and also part of the Melbourne Street Fashion and Amelia, another fantastic journalist which I forgot where is she working now. I feel really bad for that but I seriously forgot. But she worked for many different publications before, from Fairfax to Mx. So she's great.

So what i was going to say is that after the talk, I am considering to change my blog from Blogspot to Wordpress. I am not sure yet but the decision is almost final. What Lady Melbourne or Phoebe said was that Wordpress
allows more than reasonable features for a free domain and it's quite fantastic. 

I am not sure yet but I will confirm as soon as possible. This blog will remain as it is at the moment but when my Wordpress starts, I will move over there.

I feel really bad now. I'm kind of betraying Blogger for Wordpress after a whole year of posting in Blogger. Well, all I have to say is "You have to move to greener pastures?"

Well, it's not final yet but I think it's like a 90% chance of me moving. What do you think? Though I am not sure there's anyone who would be replying to this.

Anyway check out these places:


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