Tuesday, July 6

Stop Sexualising!

Seriously, people these days are too much sometimes. Sexualising is something I think means  making something completely normal into something out of its context. Example, the recent news on Victoria Buckley.

Basically this Sydney jeweler came up with some images in Facebook showing a nude doll (picture above) with her designs and Facebook banned those pictures from their site, saying that it is "SEXUAL". What the heck? It's just a doll, how can it be sexual? If you don't think of it and tell people you think it's sexual, the question wouldn't even appear.

The doll was meant to be an inspiration to the designer and just a decoration. What's so sexual about that?

I recently studied this topic in my university course and there are more things in this twisted world being sexualised. A mother breastfeeding a child was deemed sexual and explicit by some "GENIUS". What's wrong with breastfeeding, it is something natural and happens to most people in the world. Why do people say it's offensive? Don't your mom breastfeed you?

I know I sound mean but that's the fact. The society now are making everything seem sexual. People who think things like dolls and breastfeeding as sexually offensive are the sick ones. They are the ones with the twisted minds thinking of the weird.

What's your opinion? Check this original news piece here.
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