Friday, June 11

He Who Embraces iPad?

iPad is on a huge hype now. Everyone wants one, though most does not know why. I, personally find no point of getting an iPad. For a student, there's not much of use to it. Why?

1. A over sized iPod touch with higher specs.
2. A minimized Macbook with lower specs.
3. Limitation in internet just like a laptop, unless you have 3G but expensive
4. Always need a weekend bag or tote to put it in, like a laptop.

So there you go, my reasons of not buying it. A student like moi, do not need it. If I want portable internet, there's my trusty Nokia E71. I want more of it, use a laptop? Duh.

Reason 1 and 2 is the main one, for me it's the same. Haha.

At the end of the day, I found a point of buying the pad. For fashion bloggers, they have use of it, especially when they are on a runway show and needs to blog immediately. That's a plus, for them. If I can go to runway shows, I would get one but I still think the charge would be too expensive for a jobless student.

But one thing's for sure, I would definitely get one of those iPad covers from Oscar De La Renta, if I have an iPad. Very chic and fab! It's coming out even before the Resort 2011 collection. If you want it, go to Oscar De La Renta.

That's my two cents. Ciao.

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