Sunday, January 31

Helping the Haiti Cause - Fabulously!

A quick shoutout about Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).
CFDA has announced that they will be releasing a T-shirt for sale to help the Haiti cause. The T-shirt cost 25USD and all of the sales goes to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. It will be purchasable in a list of retail outlets across the United States from February 12 and CFDA will also be selling it online to those who are interested and not from the States.

So if you wanna help the Haiti cause, this is one of the ways. Have a fabulous t-shirt and help save the misfortunate.

For more details, visit or check out their facebook page : Fashion for Haiti


YAY! Three post in a row. I am officially nuts. No post for an era and now 3 at a go.
Nah.. not much of a post.

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