Tuesday, October 6

Mid-autumn at Southbank

Mid-autumn came and go as fast as you can say "Mooncake!". This year in particular, the festival was celebrated in a way I never did before. Me and a couple of my housemates went to the Yarra River at Southbank and enjoyed a delicious meal of mooncake, picnic style.

We sat by the riverbank, brought some mooncakes and a bottle of wine and enjoyed the moonlit night. Thank god, the weather cleared up that night after unpredictable rain for the past week and we could see the moon perfectly. Shining bright and as round as ever. So we sat there, ate the mooncakes and played some word games that involved country and Hollywood movie names.

Lemme teach you how to play, though I suspect most people in the world knows it. So we start with an alphabet, say P? Then you had to say a country name or movie that starts with P. "Penelope!" (It is a movie!) Then continues with the end alphabet of that name which is E.

See, it's easy and I bet most of you reading this knows about it and thinks I'm an idiot and lame. LOL. We had to do something. Since there was no other stuff to do by the river. Oh I almost forgot, we went to Crown Casino which was nearby to take a look because me and my other friend never went there before. For me, I never went any casino before. Only 20 and Malaysia's one and only Genting Casino only allows 21 and above, but Crown is generous enough to have an age limit of 18 and above. So I went. It was fun, not bad... =P

Here's some of the shots we got there =)

Mooncake at hand!
Jay posing beside me. LOL

The first bite by Adrian!

Wing eating the fancy type Snowskin.

Cheers everybody!

Moon so bright, Night so fine...

That's all. No shots of Crown because they don't allow cameras inside. And the sad thing about this year is I couldn't find any traditional Snowskin mooncake (Lotus paste and Egg yolk) in Melbourne. All they have is fancy ones for Snowskin like durian, raspberry, corn, mango, banana and chocolate. I WANT MY SNOWSKIN! TwT

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