Saturday, September 5

Mid-sem Break!

Okay, it's been a week plus since my last post. I promised updates to my friends and my lovely sis but I had not done quite much. Much due to the reason that my connection was cut back to dial-up speed because of excess usage. It's only 2 weeks and the 5 of us on the floor finished 80Gb of download.

Connection is better now for some reason. Maybe it's the next month usage already but then again, it was supposed to be on 12th Sept for our month to end. But thank GOD.

So as the title clearly wrote, it is mid-semester break for yours truly (29th Aug to 6th Sept). So a sum-up to what I had done for the first seven days, I have done nothing except for exploring Melbourne and working with my personal column draft.

I've done a bit of exploring this week. I went to the famous Camberwell Flea Market; noted for its large amount of vendors selling hand made or vintage stuff, from clothing, shoes to furniture. Truly awesome for students like me with limited budget.

Then I went to Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) with my housemates for a bit of window shopping. DFO is also another place to be for budgeted shopping. It's like Bichester Village at UK where everything is discounted all year round though it's normally a season later than.

There's also Docklands. Went there with my housemates for good ice-cream that one of them recommended. They have a place called Harbour Town which is a open air shopping mall.

Next I worked on my personal column draft. It's an assignment for my Prof. Writing class. I had to write an article fit and related to a magazine publication of my choice based on my own experience/encounter. Am still working on it and will post up for opinion when I'm satisfied with it. Now it's still just a large dump of words and is not fitted for reading.


Harbour town

Ice cream from Dairy Bells.

PS: Got a haircut on tuesday. Will post pics soon. Haha. I know no one is interested.
More post to come about fashion week. Watch OUT!

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