Tuesday, August 18

Master chef in the making? (EDITED)

A profile written based on my group mate, Phik Munn through interviewed conducted in class. I edited it after a discussion with Clare, from International Student Language Support.

A foodie is a perfect way to describe Phik Munn Wong. Phik Munn, a 21 year old international student from Malaysia pursuing a Bachelor of Communications in RMIT University but behind the scenes she is cooking up a storm.

Cooking had been part of Phik Munn’s life since she was just a toddler.
“I love food because my grandmother was a really good cook and she had always provided me with delicacies since I was young. This was what inspired me to learn how to cook and it eventually became part of me,” Phik Munn said.

It's second nature for Phik Munn to cook. To her, a simple meal is made of three dishes and one soup and all made in a mere hour. So what made this young chef pursue a degree in communication, rather than a culinary arts profession?

During her Diploma in Mass Communication program, she discovered an interest in journalism and it dawned on her that being a food writer for a magazine was an exciting prospective career.

“I want to be a food critic for lifestyle magazines and if that goes wrong, I want to establish my own restaurant,” she said.

Her dream would be having a boutique restaurant for both human and pets alike. In the restaurant, she would want to have menus for both human and pets, dogs in particular as she is a huge dog lover.

She also said that if she gets a chance to obtain permanent residency in Australia, she would definitely try out for “Master Chef”, an Australian cooking reality show on Channel Ten.

“Poh, the second runner-up was my idol because she is both Malaysian and Chinese. She has succeeded in becoming one of the best possible newcomers in the culinary world,” Phik Munn said.

Ultimately Phik Munn wants to return to her home country where her friends and family resides. She said that she hope to start her career as either a food critic or a chef in Malaysia.

Whichever way her career unfolds, one thing is certain. Her passion for food will be the driving force for success.

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